What are the options for double glazed windows?

If you are considering new or replacement double glazed windows, there are a few very popular styles in the market. But which is best for you?

Types of Double Glazed WindowThere are 2 options, complement or contrast. However, going for a design that contrasts your home can be a tricky business. You may love it, but the neighbours or local council may have other ideas. You can’t go too crazy.

Most new-build homes come with either Casement or Sash windows, The former being the most popular style. They are also easy to tell aprt from each other.

  1. Double glazed casement windows open from the side.
  2. Sash Windows slide up & down vertically.

Both have their advantages or disadvantages.

The type of material you use for the frames is also a key element, with UPVC, Aluminium or timber versions available. UPVC windows are extremely popular across the UK (they call them Vinyl windows in the USA).

Upvc windows are relatively cheap compared to hardwood or aluminium double glazed windows. But you need to be choosy when it comes to suppliers. Some UPVc windows have chunky frames and can look a bit ugly when fitted into smaller openings.

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Types of Double Glazed Window