Bifold Patio Door Security

It’s reported that more house invasions & burglaries in the UK are through a vulnerable house door, so to ignore the prime location for putting your family at risk is to ask for trouble. This is why you should consider fitting high security bifold Doors

Residential Bifold Door SecurityPutting aside the door itself, there are a few simple things & options to remember that can save you getting an uninvited guest.

The latest replacement doors are designed with durability, energy efficiency and, most importantly, safety in mind with a load of features built in to cope with the hard life of your entrance

A typical family home front door is opened and closed thousands of time per year

Common features for uPVC & Composite Bifold Doors

  • Anti-tamper locks; with drill plates, bumping & snap resistant features
  • 5 lever mortise locks
  • Triple mounted hinges
  • Dog bolts, claws & mushroom hooks
  • Toughened & laminated glazed sections
  • Steel reinforced frames

With all these features, it’s fair to say that once you have fitted new uPVC or composite bifold doors to your home, you & your family will not have to be concerned about unwanted intruders coming through it – provided you have closed & locked it!

  • Where to find a good Online Doors Price Guide?

Front Doors Prices & Quotes

It may seem like the best place to go and find a buyer’s guide for upvc doors online should be easy, you might have thought, but to get accurate figures for the cost of installing double glazed uPVC Doors & Windows is not that easy.

Accurate figures may not be what you see on any double glazing door price guide unless you are looking for supply only or wholesale prices, and this is probably due to the variable costs involved in the actual installation procedure. Labour costs make up a decent chunk of the overall cost fitting and with each property having its own unique issues, it’s understandable that any price you see is just more or less an ‘average price’ rather than an accurate one.

If you want a personalised, accurate price for double glazed doors or uPVC Windows, then get an installer to visit and carry out a survey on your property – most will do it for free.

Residential Bifold Door Security