A modern style kitchen conservatory

Angular kitchen cabinetry is being replaced by curved lines as a new design trend takes over with kitchen conservatories

If you are planning a lean to conservatory re-fit or renovation, take a look at the curved kitchen trend and you may be surprised at how useful the design can be.

Kitchen conservatoriesA curved kitchen has three main benefits over an angular one.

Firstly, it is a good idea for families with young children because it takes away the risk of injury due to sharp bench-top corners and cabinetry edges.

Secondly, the curve is a softer line than angular cabinetry and helps to create the idea of space in rooms that are otherwise quite small or require a small kitchen unit

Finally, curved kitchens are a design choice for those who want something unique and on-trend.

A kitchen is a difficult room to take a fresh approach on, but few people have a curved design in their home.

Notice the curve continues from one point in the wall to another creating a continuous line of vision and leading the eye out to the beautiful view.

This particular kitchen range has a multitude of cabinet heights, depths and widths with more than 250 door fronts.

This is because each client has a difference sized space and a different curve in mind and these pieces fit together to create a bespoke design.

To replicate this trend in your home first look at the space you have, the functionality you need and the look you want.

Choose a colour and work from here, but remember to have your curve directing the eye somewhere exciting, not into a dead corner.

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Kitchen conservatories make use of curved designs