Guide To French Patio Doors

Guide To French Patio Doors

Discover everything you need to know about upvc French doors

 including security, styles, materials and hardware

Double glazed upvc French doors are installed in most new build houses these days since they offer a more open plan living space while also providing a contemporary feel to the home. In the following article we will explain what to look out for when choosing French doors.

French door key considerations

The key points to consider when choosing French doors are the security of the doors making sure that the doors have a high security locking mechanism. The glass in the doors is high energy efficient and what type of safety glass comes with them.

The materials and style such as: white upvc, oak upvc, black upvc, rosewood upvc, coloured coated aluminium and hardwood. (see more at

Upvc French doors have moved forward throughout the years and now come with a range of hardware fittings to suit the style of your furnishings. We will also be talking about the aesthetics of the doors with options such as: handle colours and handle finish, style of hinges and finish, fittings (cabin hooks) and glass styles such as leaded and internal Georgian bar.

Guide To French Patio Doors

French Door Security

The security of French doors is essential, as they have two opening doors so making sure that the locking mechanisms are suitable is vital.

French doors will have one slave door and one master door. The master door will be the one that is mainly closed and that slave being the side that you would use the most. Having shoot bolts top and bottom of the master door provides optimal security. You can also have shoot bolts fitted on the slave door for extra security.

The slave door should have a solid high spec locking mechanism preferably a 3 multi point locking system designed to engage into the mullion of the master door. Once the shoot bolts are engaged on the master door and the multi point locking system in engaged on the slave this gives the door very high security.

The other key points to consider will be the glass of the upvc French doors. Usually as standard a toughened safety glass will come with the doors either glazed or un-glazed. This is a safety glass yet we feel that a 6.4 laminated safety glass is a more suitable option for security. You can have the double glazed unit made up with 6.4 laminated safety glass on both panes or mix the two with toughened as one pane and laminated as the other.

Internal steel re-enforcement of all framework is essential including the two doors and outer frames. This internal steel profile gives extra rigidity to the doors while also preventing anyone breaking the pvc profile framework.

Energy efficient glass

It is by law that all new double glazed windows and doors should come with energy efficient glass. Energy efficient double glazed units offer high thermal efficient properties reducing the heat loss from your home which over time reduces your heating bills. The main energy efficient glass types are Low-e and Pilkington K-glass.

French door materials

French doors come in a variety of materials such as:

  • Hardwood French doors: Hardwood French doors can be fitted with energy efficient glass plus you can have the doors coated to prevent the wood rotting. Obviously hardwood can be painted with any colour suitable paint.
  1. Softwood French doors: We don’t supply French doors in a softwood since we acknowledge hardwood has a much longer lifespan than softwood frames when both are left un-treated.
  • Upvc French doors- Upvc French doors have many benefits over wood, the main benefits being the security and energy efficiency. You can also have upvc in oak, white, rosewood, mahogany and any colour using a special coating. You can also have a woodgrain effect with rosewood and cream giving the look and feel of real wood frames.
  • Aluminium French doors- Aluminium is also a good choice yet more expensive than upvc French doors. You can have aluminium powder coated in many colours making it suitable for any home, office blocks, schools and hospitals. Aluminium frames are not as energy efficient as upvc frames yet they still have good thermal efficiency and the same glass types as upvc doors apply.
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