How Much Does A Home Security Alarm Cost?

Security Alarm SystemsFirstly, you should decide whether you want to buy & fit it yourself or get professionals to do it. You could go to securwize – home security alarm quick buyers guide for some information. But give yourself some basic knowledge beforehand.

Alarm systems come in different types:
  • Wireless – all components connect to each other via radio waves
  • Hard Wired – uses cables to connect the components
  • Smart systems – integrated home components including alarms, lighting, heating & more
  • Stand-alone systems – no connection to a response centre
  • Monitored – connected to a remote monitoring centre

As a rough guide, a monitored smart home alarm system will be the most expensive and a DIY stand-alone system will be the cheapest. However, do not expect the same level of control flexibility or protection from a DIY kit.

Saving on the type of alarm could cost you more if you get broken into and robbed!

However, you should be starting with a robust and long lasting set of doors for your property. Especially vulnerable are those patio doors at the rear of your home – patio doors are an inviting target to some burglars.  Get your self better informed at

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